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About Vivid
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I have designed many creative and successful gardens, from tiny back
yards to ambitious projects of several acres, from small tight budgets to over
a hundred thousand pounds. But it doesn't have to cost a fortune. I work
to your budget which we agree at the start of the commission. If I think you
can't achieve what you want for the money you plan to spend then I will be
honest and say so. And then we can look at alternative solutions together.
Whatever the size and scope of the project I approach each design with
the same enthusiasm and passion
. I freely admit I love my job - from the
challenges faced at the beginning through to the satisfaction of seeing my
clients enjoy the finished garden as it develops and flourishes. If you like
what you see and want to discuss plans for your garden please get in touch.
You will find my address, phone numbers and email on the contact page of
this website. Please remember that the first consultation is usually free
depending on where you are based. I look forward to hearing from you.